5PIGroup Consulting has been set up under demand of clients, friends, suppliers and strategic partners, in one of the most critical moments of the world economy, where the economic situation in all sectors is being unfavorable for the economic development.

We have observed the current situation of the market and of the sector and above all we have listened to clients, who being very busy in their companies, need specific solutions, such as the achievement of good suppliers, factories, out sourcing, cost optimization, integration.

That is why 5PIGroup Consulting wants to contribute, in this new economic situation, a certain philosophy with all the factors that influence in the company and society, beginning by the employees and strategic partners, clients, competitors, associations, governmental institutions, environment, etc. We want to try to do our bit in society creating job, helping to develop the farming and agrofood industry worldwide and of course taking part of the economic development of our country and those which trust in our services and products.

The bases of 5PIGroup Consulting will be the one of work effort, the respect of our employees, clients and partners. Frankness, clarity and joint achievement of the written objectives by our clients will be our main aim.

We have to know how to listen, learn and inform our clients. The sale is not our main target, but the joint achievement of the objectives of our clients. Obtain the best solution, with the quality and the appropriate cost for each market and project, always thinking about the optimization of the options of each client and market.

We will be very proud to work for you and open our doors of our small big house.

Thank you for encouraging us to create 5PIGroup Consulting and for the opportunity that you have offered us.